Bio Plant for plant growth, Brilliant bio plant (1L)

BIO.PLANT is a colourless liquid. Spray BIO.PLANT on the plant leaves' surface during plant growth period will ensure the plants reach a continuously growing effect. BIO.PLANT will undergo plants metabolism directly through the leaves, and have a more vital fertilizer effect, stimulate the absorption of evaporation water and the processing of micronutrients.

  • Improve the growth of the plant's root system
  • Improve and correct the nutrients imbalance problem
  • Improve plants immune systems, fewer diseases, and pests
  • Improve yield
  • Improve the stability of straw
  • A higher amount of energy
  • Less surface run-off, microorganisms stabilize, volatile and anti-nitrification
  • Let the arid area (restricted soil moisture) recover from the lack of nitrogen rapidly.
  • Bear fruits faster, and flowers will remain open for a long period
  • Activate specific plants mechanism.
  • Increase yield, lower down the growth pressure.
  • Improve plant health, greater resistance to cold and heat.
  • Improve and strengthen plants resistance to diseases, heat, and frost damage
  • Stabilize plants growth during drought period.