BABA BI-EG Pot in Cotta


Item Code: BI-EG Cotta

Material: Biodegradable Plastic

Available in 5 sizes:

Item Width (cm) Height (cm) Saucer Size
EG-260 ø 26 H 21.5 BI-912
EG-310 ø 31 H 25.7 BI-911
EG-392 ø 39.2 H 32.4 BI-916
EG-465 ø 46.5 H 39 BI-926
EG-512 ø 51.2 H 43.7 BI-922


  • Suitable for both indoor & outdoor
  • Simple design that fits in with all interior and landscape
  • Drainage hole design in different layer to provide good ventilation and drainage
  • Saucers not included