Bring a touch of urban greenery to your office. With our rental plants services, you don't have to worry about the maintenance.

  • dimensions : 28.5cm x  22.7cm (D) x 53.5cm (H)
  • comes with 3 plants
  • suitable for partial sunlight and full shade
Terms and conditions
  • Includes biweekly maintenance - Includes trimmings, fertiliser, checking of irrigation system, pest control and plants replacement.
  • Only dead plants will be replaced and the dead plants are not to be removed by the client as it will be assessed by maintenance team before removal and replacement of the same.
  • Replacement parts of irrigation system or replacement for pots by due to the acts and omissions of the client will be charged separately.
  • If there are additional costs which are not mentioned in this contract such as costs incurred for the removal and disposal of items, the Client will be fully responsible and pay for the same when Noah Garden Centre invoices the Client as and when such costs are incurred.
  • Consecutive monthly maintenance visits will apply to annual contract and will not be extended in the case of no access to site during any of the month.
  • Plant replacement for orchids will be once every 4 weeks.