Aquis Organic Lactobacillus Solid Fertilizer 500g


The Aquis Nutribiotic Fertiliser is the first generation of fully fermented, antibiotic-free manure manufactured by Otemchi Biotechnologies.

Farmers using Nutribiotic Fertiliser love to showcase their bountiful harvest of juicy and sweet crops, and sometimes report record-breaking results of massive fruiting and longer harvest seasons. It is also ideal for seedlings as it does not burn young foliage.

  • Naturally Organic 
  • Fully fermented
  • Balanced C/N ration with complete nutrients, trace elements and humic acid
  • Proprietary lactobacillus technology
  • Nutritious and Sweeter Crops
  • Soil rejuvenation


One packet: 500g

Usage: Mix 1 part to 4 parts

Top up : Weekly 3-5 tablespoons