AgroMax (AMP) Premium Planting Mix (9 Liters)


AgroMax (AMP) Premium Planting Mix (9 Liters) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Special for you. 9L/bag-MOQ 100 Bags.

The Premium Planting Mix For truf, landscape, trees, shrubs and ornamentals.

AgroMax - The Premium Planting Mix (AMP) is a premium, scientifically formulated growing medium that helps ensure optimum plant growth potential. AMP is a balanced blend of cocopeat, peat moss, vermiculite, perlite. humic acid, plant nutrients, phytogenic agents, buffering agents and anti-fungal agents. It is a perfect way to give a healthy head start to plants!

•    Contributes to vigorous plant growth and health by providing essential macro/micro nutrients and minerals
•    Stimulates quick rooting and healthy root development
•    Loosens and improves soil drainage in hard, compacted and heavy day soils
•    Versatile — ideal for improving poor soils, mulching, and mixing into native soil for new in-ground plantings
•    Prevents transplanting shock and encourages fast root growth for newly transplanted plants

Tree, Shrubs, Ornamentals:
Seed trays: Fill hole completely with AMP and sow seed. Water thoroughly. Do not mix with soil or other mixes.

Pots: Fill 2/3 full with AMP and plant seedling. Water thoroughly. Do not mix with soil or other mixes.

Beds: Top dress or work in 5~10cm AMP into existing soil. Cover thoroughly.

Turf grass, Landscape:
Top dress or work in 5~10 cm AMP into existing soil. Ensure thorough coverage.