Repotting and Gardener Services | Terms & Conditions

Why Require Gardener Services?

For pot diameter that are bigger than 40cm or plants that are taller than 1m, we are unable to do the repotting at our warehouse and deliver it to you. This is because the item will be too bulky to deliver after repotting. 

Hence, we will provide gardener services and do the repotting on-site instead. You may opt for the gardener services before adding the pots into your cart. 

You can choose between 

  • 1 hour  , 2 gardeners = $100
  • 2 hours, 2 gardeners = $150
  • 3 hours, 2 gardeners = $200
  • 4 hours, 2 gardeners = $250
  • 8 hours, 2 gardeners = $500

Besides repotting, we provide manpower services that cater to your greenery works.

Kindly check out our gardener service where you can engage us for any gardener works. (Eg: replanting, plant removal works, grass cutting)

You May Require More Hours Than You Think

The 2 hours will start to count when our gardeners arrive the venue. Our gardeners will have to perform on-site preparation work (ie. Laying protective layer, cleaning up working area, etc) before starting any gardener works.

After performing the gardener work, our gardeners will help to clean up the space before leaving the venue.