FAQ - How to engage NGC Repotting Service? (Step-by-step Guide)

Repotting Service is available if you purchase both plant and pot under the same order. 

  • Step 1: Add the plants you like to cart. Shop all live plants here
  • Step 2: Check the rootball size of the plant before selecting a pot (ie. Rootball Size: 13cmØ x 12cmH) 
  • Step 3: Shop all pots here. Find an indoor/outdoor pot with diameter 2cm to 4cm bigger than the plant's rootball size.
    For example, the rootball size is 13cmØ x 12cmH. Hence, you may choose a pot diameter from 15cm to 17cm. 
  • Step 4: Please select the 'Repotting Service' option before you add your desired pot into cart. The fee will varies depending on the pot size. 
  • Step 5: Indicate the name of the plant you would like to repot at the 'Repotting Instruction' box. ngc repotting service

That's all and you may add your desired pot to cart! 

We will help to repot the plant into your desired pot and also top up potting media according to the pot size.