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Black Soldier Fly Organic Fertiliser (1L)

Black Solider Fly Organic Fertiliser is known as Frass. Black Soldier Fly Organic Fertiliser addresses this nutrient imbalance by replenishing key nutrients for healthy plant growth.
Known to gradually release these nutrients, our fertiliser reduces the chances of over-fertilising.

With an NPK ratio of 3:3:5, our fertiliser will help leafy vegetables and fruit-bearing plants to flourish. The additional chitin also helps to improve your plant's immunity to pests and disease!

Frass fertiliser is also odourless and non-toxic, making it safe to use around children and pets!

- Rich in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium
- Enhances soil fertility and contains chitin to boost plant immunity
- Suitable for home use with minimal odor

Directions For Use
New soil mix: Mix 1 part of IFT Organic Fertiliser with 4 parts of potting soil to create a rich nutrient soil mix.
Existing soil mix: Cover top soil with IFT Organic Fertiliser and reapply every week.

Technical Information

Nitrogen - 3%
Phosphorous - 3%
Potassium - 5%
Organic matter - 100%
Homogeneous mixture of organic substrate, larvae castings and other microbial nutrients.
Volume: 1 Litres