Landscape Maintenance

Gardener Services


In Noah, we provide an extra pair of hands. An experienced hand to help you with your greenery from commercial to residential space.

Gardening does not only concern buying the plants but it consists of a lot of labor work. We provide manpower services that cater to your greenery works.

You can choose between 

  • 1 hour  , 2 gardeners = $100
  • 2 hours, 2 gardeners = $150
  • 3 hours, 2 gardeners = $200
  • 4 hours, 2 gardeners = $250
  • 8 hours, 2 gardeners = $500

For time slot, you can choose between (2 hours per slot):

  • From 9.00am to 12.00pm
  • From 1.00pm to 3.00pm
  • From 3.00pm to 6.00pm

Charges stated includes transportation fee and rental of tools. All materials used like potting mix and more will be provided by the customer. 

We provide services like:

  • Repotting and Replanting
  • Drilling works
  • Soil digging for landscape
  • Plant Removal works (Plant Disposal is chargeable)
  • Grasscutting

and more

You may require more hours than you think

The 2 hours will start to count when our gardeners arrive at the venue. Our gardeners will have to perform on-site preparation work (ie. Laying protective layer, cleaning up the working area, etc) before starting any gardener works.

After performing the gardener work, our gardeners will help to clean up space before leaving the venue.

If you're unsure how long your working going to take, you may drop us an email before adding it into your cart.

We will be contacting you once payment has been made to schedule for works.

Works will be conducted on weekends. If special arrangements are required for some entities, such as office spaces, school, condominiums etc., please drop us an email.

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