Allure Doppio 47cm in mineral clay
Allure Ribbon 47cm in Bark Brown

Allure Doppio Square 47cm in Mineral Clay

by Elho
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Because of its classic shape, the doppio flowerpot is a true eye-catcher in every garden. The pot has a natural land soft appearance due to the combination of plastics and wood fibre. It is very easy to move, doesn’t break when you accidentally knock it over or drop it.

This beautiful pot can be enjoyed for many years, either inside or outside your house. If you would like to use this planter outside, don’t forget to open the pre-drilled holes in the bottom. This allows the superfluous water to drain so the plants will not rot.

  • Dimensions: 47cmØ x 42cmH
  • Volume: 50L
  • Weight: 2804g
  • Comes with covered pre-drilled holes

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