Azalea Cascading Bonsai (0.18mH)
Serresia Bonsai in ceramic pot (0.3mH)

Chinese New Year Red Pineapple 鸿运当头, 旺旺旺旺 (0.4m)

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Auspicious red pine apple for festive season.  Brings good luck!

Sunlight: Direct Sunlight or Partial Sunlight

Water: Pour evenly 3 times a week. 

Fertiliser: Recommends slow release nitricote fertilizer or lactobacilus organic fertilizer (Aquis)

Plant size: Approx. 30-40 cm (excluding flower) (vary in sizes)

Rootball size: Dia 25cm x Ht 20cm

Pot Type: Dia 25cm plastic pot with drainage holes.  


* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from photo.

* Kindly take note when you're purchasing matching pot, the diameter has to be larger than the rootball size.