Portucalaria affra variegated (0.15mH)
Myrtus Communis Bonsai Tree, Golden Silk Bonsai (0.5m)

Buxus Sinica Bonsai, Boxwood Bonsai (0.35m)

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Boxwood is a very hardy plant and grows rapidly as well. These great characteristics make it a good tree to use as bonsai. It has a pom-pom like appearance and is popular among gardeners, landscaped artists, and bonsai growers as an ornamental plant for landscaping.


*Sunlight: Full Sun

*Water: Water when the soil feels dry to the touch, do not over-water.
*Fertiliser: Keep your plant in top form by feeding it every few weeks with a dilute solution of liquid fertiliser or solid fertiliser over the soil.
*Plant size: approx. 35cm (vary in sizes)
*Rootball size: Ø 20cmW x 12cmH
*Pot type: Plant comes in a brown landscape pot (with drainage holes)


* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size, and arrangement may differ from the photo.

*Kindly take note when you're purchasing a matching pot, the diameter has to be larger than the rootball size.