68cm Long Planter Set
Akadama soil, 赤玉土 (14L)

AgroMax (AMP) Premium Planting Mix (3 Liters)


Special for you. 3L/bag-MOQ 150 Bags.

The Premium Planting Mix For truf, landscape, trees, shrubs and ornamentals.

AgroMax - The Premium Planting Mix (AMP) is a premium, scientifically formulated growing medium that helps ensure optimum plant growth potential. AMP is a balanced blend of cocopeat, peat moss, vermiculite, perlite. humic acid, plant nutrients, phytogenic agents, buffering agents and anti-fungal agents. It is a perfect way to give a healthy head start to plants!

•    Contributes to vigorous plant growth and health by providing essential macro/micro nutrients and minerals
•    Stimulates quick rooting and healthy root development
•    Loosens and improves soil drainage in hard, compacted and heavy day soils
•    Versatile — ideal for improving poor soils, mulching, and mixing into native soil for new in-ground plantings
•    Prevents transplanting shock and encourages fast root growth for newly transplanted plants

Tree, Shrubs, Ornamentals:
Seed trays: Fill hole completely with AMP and sow seed. Water thoroughly. Do not mix with soil or other mixes.

Pots: Fill 2/3 full with AMP and plant seedling. Water thoroughly. Do not mix with soil or other mixes.

Beds: Top dress or work in 5~10cm AMP into existing soil. Cover thoroughly.

Turf grass, Landscape:
Top dress or work in 5~10 cm AMP into existing soil. Ensure thorough coverage.

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