Classic Watering Can
Coconut Wire Mat 40cm x 60cm

Coconut Grow Sheet 50cm x50cm


Made from Coconut Husks, the coconut grow sheets are soil-less growing media.



✅ Made from Coconut Husk Fibre

Safe Manufacturing Process (No Heavy Metals, Non-Toxic)

Holds moisture and allows for good drainage, air circulation

Great growing media for hanging baskets, window box cages 

Easily cut into any sizes


The coconut fibre allows better air flow into the roots, encouraging healthier plants and faster growth.


50cm x 50cm

Easily sliced-up into modular sizes, depending on your liking!


More uses:

Making Kokodema (wrapping material of round ball of Japanese hanging plants)

Insulation material inside planting box

Used on walls, to promote vertical growing, especially vines

Already used in Japanese futon beds, mattresses and automobile car seats/sofa