Hoya tomataensis, Wax Flower, Wax Plant (0.5mH)
Cactus Bonsai in ceramic pot (0.25mH)

Asparagus Densiflorus 'Sprengeri', Sprengeri Fern, Asparagus Fern (0.25m)


Asparagus Densiflorus, commonly called asparagus fern, that is noted for its dense, fern-like, evergreen to semi-deciduous foliage which forms an arching mound that matures to 1-3’ tall and 3-4’ wide. It is not a fern, but a member of the asparagus family. It is native primarily to rocky, open woods, savanna thickets, and coastal areas of southeastern South Africa.


Sunlight: Semi-Shade, Full Sun

Water: Water when soil feels dry to the touch, do not over-water.

Fertiliser: Keep your plant in top form by feeding it every few weeks with a dilute solution of liquid fertiliser or sprinkling solid fertiliser over the soil.

Plant Size: Approx. 25-28cm (vary in sizes)

Rootball Size: 21cmØ x 14cmH

Pot Type: Plant comes in a brown plastic landscape pot (with drainage holes)


* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from photo.

* Kindly take note when you're purchasing matching pot, the diameter has to be larger than the rootball size.