Pole, Flat and Reindeer Moss (Customize with installation)
Flat Moss (500g/ pack)

Reindeer Moss (Customize with installation)


Our Moss product can expand interior design with multiple colours of moss and frame. Comes in various moss colours can lead the Moss wall art to innovative. 

The moss is preserved and is lasting for many years. No water and sunlight needed. The conservation is made with glycerine and colour. The moss is individually glued by hand on a surface of canvas.

  • Scentless, Preserved for many years
  • Dimensions: Per m2
  • Thickness : 10mm thick PVC backing
  • Pricing : SGD650 per m2
  • Pricing varies from different design, SGD650 is based on plain color moss wall design
  • We provide design consultation that includes installation
  • Please drop an enquiry to to request a quote


  • For interior use only
  • Do not expose in direct sunlight
  • No water or humidity
  • Moss should not be in dusty or dirty areas
  • Do not pull off the moss by force

*Due to differences in monitors, colours of products may also appear different.