Mr Ganick Scale Terminator by Baba, Natural Pesticide (500ml)
naturalGRO Omni Mist RTU (500ml)

Mr Ganick Super Margosa by Baba, Natural Pesticide (500ml)


Mr Ganick Super Margosa Pesticide is a ready-to-use non-polluting, pet friendly, and 100% natural pesticide formulated using plant oils. It is ideal for home garden, indoor, and organic farming. It works physically, causing pests cellular membrane to dehydrate and eventually causing pests to die. It can effectively prevent pests which include whiteflies, aphids, thrips, spider mites and T.S mites.

Major Ingredient: Potassium Oleate

Usage Instruction:

· Shake well before use

· Spray over plants and visible pests, be sure to also target the underneath of leaves

· Spray only in early mornings or late evenings as exposure to sun might cause burns to the plants

· Recommended to use once every 2 to 3 days until pests are repelled.


Store in cool and dry place. Do not consume.