Grey Pebble

GS Bio Protect 500ml


Green Spade Bio Protect is an organically certified fungicide. Organo-Mineral Fungus repellent is a recent concept in which organic extracts and natural minerals used in combinations to control plant fungus and improve the immunity of the plant to fight against fungal and viral diseases as well as act as plant food nutrients with zero plants reside.



  • GS Bio Protect is a broad spectrum fungicidal fertiliser which controls most type of fungus and improves plant immunity naturally to fight against fungal diseases and root fungus.
  • GS Bio Protect is rich in Phosphorous and Potassium which also act as a great fertiliser for the plant.



  • Phosphorous: 15% to 16%
  • Potassium: <10%


How to Use:

Apply once a week.
Shake well before use.
Apply as a foliar spray directly onto leaves, flowers or fruits.
Alternatively, apply as a soil drench to control soil-borne diseases.