Money Plant in 8cm-tall Coconut Pot + FREE 10cm-tall Coconut Pot
Coconut Table Mat 29cm x 39cm

Coconut Wire Mat 40cm x 60cm


Intricately designed, this coir mat is made with the perfect combination of coconut fibre and wire. A durable boot scraper. The perfect companion off-site construction/landscape project offices or community gardens.


It’s coconut fibre is tough enough to scrap boots on, yet unmistakably elegant to impress your visitors.



A fine addition to your welcome door with this rugged coir mat

Combined with wire and eco-friendly coconut fibre

Ideal for removing dirt, debris, mud and moisture from your boots/shoes

Will not crack or buckle; resists mold, mildew and fading

All-natural coconut fibre is an excellent dirt-trapper



40cm x 60cm

Made of Coconut Fibre


How to Take Care of the Coconut Wire Mat: Simply shake, sweep up or including vacuum clean. Not recommended for regular, direct water washing.


Fill the Aqua Globe two-thirds full with water.

Use your finger to make a small hole at an angle in the soil.

Put the stem of the Aqua Globe into the hole you made, pushing it deep enough so the globe will be stable.

The hole you make minimises the amount of soil that gets stuck inside the neck.

The globe will drain at different rates depending on how much water the plant uses, whether the container is inside or outdoors, and the type of soil.