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8cm-tall Coconut Round Pot with Dry Wheat (Pastel)

10cm-tall Coconut Zen Pot with Dry Wheat (Pastel)


Coconut Pot is a bio-degradable cultivation pot made of coir fibre.  In this pot, we decorated it with pastel coloured dry wheat.


Coconut Pot with Dried Wheat are ♻️ Bio-degradable ♻️ Natural. 


Wheat belongs to the grass family and is commonly cultivated for its seed. Drying is part of the harvesting process and guess what? Its interesting form and texture can be use as a display!


There are many varieties of wheat and can be found all over the world as a winter crop or a summer crop. Wheat are typically brown or light brown in colours. The lighter colours allow it to be powered-dyed using food colours to showcase interesting combinations.


Wheat is a good for Beginners 101 Dried Flower?


Wheat is easy to handle as a beginner as they are hardy and comes in single stock. The straightforward form allows it to be more easily handled and arranged.


How to take care and maintain

For best results, keep it away from the sun and away from humid areas (Eg. bathrooms)

How long will it last?


Typically they can last at least a year, some can even last up to 3 years!


Will it mould?


Keep it dry, away from water or humid areas to avoid seeing mushrooms.


Will it attract termites or other pests?


Even though it is a staple food, these wheat do not attract pest. Prevent your curious pet dogs, cats and rabbits from nibbling on them.




*Every Coconut Pot is unique with its own grain, colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from the photograph.


*Kindly note there could be blemishes or broken wheat, but we'll try our best to handpick the nicest looking wheat for you.